About See Security College

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    About See Security College

    See Security College is a highly specialised and international cybersecurity college. As a pioneer cyber education institute, we offer training programmes aimed for absolute beginners to more advanced professionals. The college delivers its study programs worldwide, through the See Security International brand as well as well-known governmental and special cybersecurity agencies.

    Since 2002, See Security College offers Information & Cyber Security training programmes and certification tracks worldwide.

    By appreciating the uniqueness of each cyber profession and by focusing both on practical training as well as certifications, See Security has designed unparalleled programs in accordance with professional prerequisites.

    Based on its vast experience in the Cyber training field, the college has developed a comprehensive and methodological approach for Cybersecurity training.

    The college grants certifications only to graduates who have successfully completed all pedagogical requirements. This strict approach, although commercially challenging, has proved to contribute significantly to the colleges’ reputation, and provides our graduates with a real sense of accomplishment.

    Over time the college certifications have become the de-facto standard for HR recruiters in the Israeli market

    Our lecturers are highly experienced cybersecurity professionals, with demonstrated training capabilities. Among our staff, you can find leading CISOs, Offensive Security Experts, Malware Analysts, Forensics experts and more. Check out our video to get acquainted with all of our senior lecturers:

    So, in short - What can we do for you?

    We can:

    1. Deliver and plan short training programmes for Cyber Professionals
    2. Offer Comprehensive, in-depth training programmes for different audiences (zero to hero)
    3. Deliver bootcamps and designated training for international, world-renowned certifications in the field
    4. Offer hands-on labs in offensive and defensive security
    5. Distribute unique ‘wargaming’ simulations for organisations 
    6. Conduct enrichment and awareness seminars and workshops
    7. Online, offline and hybrid trainings, as needed

    Our Vision

    See Security is in the process of setting its international activity, with the aid of local representatives throughout the world.

    We are interested in finding a representative for each Local market.

    From our experience, it is important to find a partner who is interested in a strategic and long-termed relationship, and not one that is interested on a specific trend or demand.

    If you are interested in establishing your own cybersecurity college, with a long-term initiative prospect, there are certain steps that you should follow:   

    • Introduction meeting – schedule a skype call so that each party will know the other. Define your goals and learn about our services in advance.
    • After the initial skype call, See Security shall provide a brochure depicting our international activity, including: How to establish a cyber security college – a step by step methodology.
    • The local partner shall conduct an initial market research of the local cyber market (as detailed hereafter)
    • Courses price modeling – based on See Security experience and the partners’ knowledge of the local market, we will build a detailed price estimation for each program you are interested in.
    • Providing business projections and deciding on a partnership model (we have several models from joint venture to franchise).
    • Book your visit in our college – to get to know one another and to show you the college facilities and team in Israel.
    • Sign an Agreement.

    About Mr. Avi Weissman

    Avi Weissman

    See-Security Technologies CEO, Mr. Avi Weissman is one of the leaders in the Israeli Cyber industry and serves as an advisor and commentator to the Israeli government on the regulation of cybersecurity professions standards. He often consults to large organizations as well as government agencies.

    In addition, Mr. Weissman is the founder of the Israeli Forum for Information Security (IFIS) together with Maj. Gen. (Res.) and former head of National Security Council, Yaakov Amidror. The Forum has been leading the industry prior to the establishment of the INCB Back in 2012. IFIS is currently operating under the INCB and NCA instructions and provide full co-operation between all parties. Mr. Weissman is also a co-chairman of See-Secure Consulting Company, See-Events – Managed SIEM/SOC company and See-HR Recruitment company.