CYBER WARFARE Defense & Attack

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    About the Program

    The program is aimed for those not wishing to specialize in Cyber Security but who still require a broad understanding of the cyber security world: terms, geo-political environment, cyber tactics and strategies both from an intelligence and attack aspects.

    The program reviews international statutory topics as well as technical ones: from intelligence organization to organized crime, from advanced attack and defense approaches to modern standards which aim to deal with national warfare.

    The CWD & A level-1 takes you from the traditional world of “information security” on to the dark and sophisticated realm which has been accompanying the information industry in recent years – Cyber warfare. The name of the game is knowledge, Technique, Initiative and prompt response resulting from experience and practice.

    The term “information security” is not to be confused with the term “Cyber Warfare Defense”.

    The purpose of the CWA level-1 program is to provide a comprehensive overview of Cyber Warfare’s different aspects and the learning new terms that have taken root in recent times.

    The college speakers are the best and most experienced in their fields while the authors – Cyber Warfare professionals, are experienced personnel coming from the field of offensive cyber activities, along with defense experts, complement the overall vision.

    Once you have graduated the course you will be able to navigate your way up the tree of knowledge to domains such as: Cyber defense strategies, advanced attack techniques, OSINT, Digital Forensics, Vulnerability Analysis, Variance Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and others…

    Specification List

    Program Duration:
    5 days
    Academic hours:
    40 hours
    Python, MCSA, Linux, CCNA, CCSA
    Target Audience:
    Those holding a background in IT and software development, particularly information security, information warfare, cyber, intelligence.

    About See-Security

    See Security College is a highly specialized and international cyber-security college. Our college is one of seven colleges of its kind in the world and deals with cyber-security exclusively, by using education methodologies
    which were designed for state and formal agencies.
    The college delivers its study programs worldwide, through the See Security
    International brand as well as through wellknown cyber-security agencies dealing with cyber-defence exportation.
    See-Security Technologies CEO, Mr. Avi Weissman is one of the leaders in the Israeli Cyber industry, and serves as an advisor and commentator to the Israeli government on the regulation of cyber professions standards.
    In addition, Mr. Weissman is the founder of the Israeli Forum for Information Security (IFIS) together with Maj. Gen. (Res.) and former head of National Security Council, Yaakov Amidror. He is also a co-CEO of cyber human resources company, See-HR, cyber security consulting company, See Consulting Cyber and in the international cyber security college, See Security International.

    Target Audience

    Those holding a background in IT and software development, particularly information security, information warfare, cyber, intelligence.


    Provide information on cyber protection, including attack techniques and tools, defense techniques and protection technologies, significant international players, Establishment of National Cyber Security Array.

    Program Format

    40 class hours , 5 days meetings


    Cyber Warfare Defense & Attack level-1.