Cyber Warfare Defence & Attack Seminar for IT Professionals

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    About the Programme

    In collaboration with ALX: Asia Law Exchange

    A unique cyber seminar to introduce IT Professionals with the world of cyber warfare, including the fundamentals of cyber Defence and attack. 

    Learn from our Israeli experts manning the frontline of cybersecurity warfare.

    For the first time in Asia, in collaboration with ALX Law Exchange, See Security will be delivering our well-known Cyber Warfare Defence & Attack Seminar for Corporate and Policy Executives. 

    See security has introduced the Cyber Warfare series in 2011. The series was created to answer the growing need of bodies and organisation to deal with constant Cyber warfare threat.

    IT professionals don’t have time. They need to learn, process and respond fast.
    How can one learn a whole branch called cybersecurity? How can we make cybersecurity accessible for them?

    In this programme, we rigorously gathered all the viral topics in cybersecurity IT professionals ought to know. We have also added brief overviews of related, more general topics which will improve your cybersecurity perspective and understanding.

    This programme aims to provide a brief overview to the world of cybersecurity, by covering the technologies, techniques, procedures, and interplays in cybersecurity units.

    The student will understand international and legislative topics as well as technical aspects relevant to the IT personnel. Further, the student shall have a fair understanding of PT and defence methodologies, techniques, and regulations.

    Upon completing the cyber seminar, the interested student can undertake further training and master cybersecurity methodologies. Those with a technological and programming background can try their hand at hands-on training programmes such as PT, Cybersecurity Architecture and more.

    The programme has been designed by integrating different professional perspectives. The content is in accordance with the Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD) and US Department of Defense (DoD) recommendations and regulations.

    Check out our informative video to get  a feeling of what you can learn from our prestigious seminar:

    Key Features

    June 24&25 2021

    ‭+972 (0)3 6122831

    Tuition Fees:
    2000 USD (including registration fees and tax).

    Program Duration:
    2 days (8 academic hours/day)

    Academic hours:
    A total of 16 hours

    Program Format:
    The course will be held  over 2 consecutive days. There will be 16 hours of online lectures (via Zoom).

    CWD&A Seminar for IT Professionals

    Target Audience:
    IT Professionals

    Entry Requirements:
    Knowledge in IT (OS & Networking). Good command of the English language is expected.

    About See-Security College & ALX

    See Security College is a highly specialised and international cybersecurity college. One of seven colleges of its kind, our college offers training programmes aimed for absolute beginners to more advanced professionals. The college delivers its study programs worldwide, through the See Security International brand as well as well-known governmental and special cybersecurity agencies.

    Since 2002, See Security College offers Information & Cyber Security training programmes and certification tracks worldwide.

    We offer various levels of training, from a beginners’ introductory course to master classes for experienced professionals.

    By appreciating the uniqueness of each cyber profession and by focusing both on practical training as well as certifications, See Security has designed unparalleled programs in accordance with professional prerequisites. For example, Cybersecurity manager, Engineer, and Practitioner – all need to have knowledge about firewalls, but each from a significantly different point of view.

    Based on its vast experience in the Cyber training field, the college has developed a comprehensive and methodological approach for Cybersecurity training.

    The college grants certifications only to graduates who have successfully completed all pedagogical requirements. This strict approach, although commercially challenging, has proved to contribute significantly to the colleges’ reputation, and provides our graduates with a real sense of accomplishment.

    Over time the college certifications have become the de-facto standard for HR recruiters in the Israeli market.

    Our lecturers are highly experienced cybersecurity professionals, with demonstrated training capabilities. Among our staff, you can find leading CISOs, Offensive Security Experts, Malware Analysts, Forensics experts and more.

    The Asia Law Exchange (ALX) www.asialaw.exchange is a managed services platform provider focusing on providing professional services covering cybersecurity, intellectual property and governance, risk and compliance. 

    Based in Singapore, ALX serves its customers and partners across the Asian region and provides cloud platform services covering regulatory compliance, documentation and professional services. 

    ALX also provides strategic training in cybersecurity governance, risk and compliance as well as strategic management of intellectual property.

    Target Audience

    This programme aims to provide an overview to the world of cybersecurity to IT professionals, and requires prior knowledge in OS and Networking.

    Our Lecturers

    Our lecturers are highly experienced cybersecurity professionals, with demonstrated training capabilities and organisational and Business perspective. Among our staff, you can find leading CISOs, Offensive Security Experts, Malware Analysts, Forensics experts and more.

    Check out our video to get acquainted with all of our senior lecturers:

    Nadav Nachmias, Adv., MBA, CISSP

    As an International (ISC)2 Instructor for CISSP, Nadav serves as the Pedagogical Manager of the college and head of CISO Program with a wealth of experience in Cybersecurity counselling for critical sectors for Technology Architecture and Methodological aspects.

    Ami Zarfati, OSCP, CCE, CISO

    A senior cybersecurity professional with a focus on Malware Analysis, SOC, Incident Response, Forensic and Cyber threat intelligence. Ami has a rich experience in designing, training and implementing SIEM-SOC centers in large-scale and sensitive organisations and state agencies. Currently, Ami manages the cybersecurity monitoring center at Ben-Gurion Airport. He is a senior lecturer in our CISO program.

    Itzik Moshe

    Head of Hacking Defined Experts programme, Itzik is an experienced cybersecurity researcher and penetration tester. In his 20 years of experience, Itzik has worked with governmental, military and intelligence agencies both nationally and internationally.

    Elazar Biro

    With over 12 years of experience, Elazar is an expert in incident response and SOC. As a methodologist, he is implementing and training IR teams and SOC managers. He had worked in many international organisations including the IDF and civilian companies where he formed SOC centres and implemented cybersecurity solutions.

    Yariv Halpern, BSc

    A former hardware developer and content writer, Yariv turned to communications systems engineering at Cisco and in 2016 started teaching as a certified instructor. Yariv currently serves as an information security system engineer at Fortinet and a lecturer in our CSP program.

    Learning Objectives

    The programme aims to provide an overview of the world of cyber warfare, including the fundamentals of cyber defence and attack.

    The participant will:

    • Be familiar with international cybersecurity incidents
    • Be able to describe the landscape of cybersecurity defence in organisations.
    • Be familiar with common offensive security methodologies
    • Be familiar with the procedures and best-practices when dealing with a cybersecurity incident.
    • Practice a scenario of planning and implementing of a solution for common cybersecurity problems.

    Applications and Next Steps

    Are you up for the challenge?

    Read the syllabus and register here.