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Devops Lead

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    We are looking for a R&D DevOps Lead Engineer who will be responsible for managing our platforms assets.

    You will be required to perform and achieve the development optimization targets and goals for cyber processes.

    The position will require a high degree of coordination with the company’s engineering, services, R&D operations and business teams.


    Responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and understanding of CD/CI processes. From the build stage until the deployment stage.

    Collaborate in a fast-paced R&D and lab/testing environment.

    Responsible for Production and Staging environment including scale (autoscale using Spotinst), performance, security, distribution, permissions etc.


    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent experience from 8200 / 81 / Mamram

    Knowledge and experience  of more than 3 years of  problem solving in: Python

    and as many of from:

    Scripting such as YAML, Ansible, bash, AWS and EC2, Docker, Ubuntu, ELK stack, Redis, Jenkins, Kobernetes and Spotinst