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Hacking Expert and Cyber Analyzer

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    Job Description

    -Designing and writing in-depth specifications and architectures of cyber-attack scenarios which include all spectrum of attacking methods, techniques and tools.

    – Implementing designed specifications and architectures.

    – Performing penetration tests on diverse technologies.

    Required Skills

    – Familiarity with as much technologies as possible of the following, from an attacking point of view: Operating Systems (Windows and Linux), Metasploit, Active Directory, Databases, Sniffers, Password Cracking, MITM, Stealth and Evasion, Web Applications, Scripts, Mobile, Network.

    – 1+ years of experience in penetration testing for diverse technologies.

    – Ability to design and analyze a complete round circle of cyber-attacks.

    – Strong familiarity with attacking tools.

    – Experience working both in Windows and Linux environments.

    – Experience in Java and/or C# and/or Python and/or Ruby development . Strong advantage.

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